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Sean here again to continue our love story…  Follow along on our beach date.

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I parked my car in the parking lot of the restaurant I recommend, thinking to myself “Did I choose the best place or will she hate it”? Each car that parked gave me chills and thrills, also made me look strange to all the people driving them since I was staring at them with puppy love eyes. It seemed like hundreds of cars had come and gone, but after looking at my clock it had only been 8 minutes.


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Then right on cue, I saw this car try and pull into a spot 3 times…”questionable driving skills”. I waited 2 extra minutes before deciding to breathe in my male game face and take the walk that could change my life forever. I was now at the front of her car, not positive I was at the right one since her head was down in her phone. I then knocked on the hood as if I was knocking on the door of fate, and right on cue she looked up and created every emotion I never thought I could feel again. As the car door opened, she stood and made it clear I was in for nothing I had been prepared for. The first words were lost in the past because I can’t remember from being so nervous.


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After regaining my memory, we were now entering the restaurant. Then the male questions in my mind started to swirl. Does she like booths? Is she a Bar girl? Does she love to sit outside? Does she like small tables? Does she want the smoker section? Believe it or not, but we can pick apart your personality with this simple choice of seating. I took charge and asked for the booth, she was perfectly fine with my decision. The next hour and a half was the best time of my life filled with laughter, flirting, stories, family, politics, religion, likes, hates and how many kids we wanted… yep, it moved pretty fast. The laws of a first date conversation were broken, and that’s what made it the best conversation of my life. Now where does it go from here?


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When days feel like months, and months feel like years, I take that as a sign you have found someone your crazy about or is making you crazy. Lucky for me, I found the good crazy. It comes from a balance that was solidified from day one by both of us helping each other achieve goals you can only get from a partner who mirrors our deepest attributes. To be honest with you all, as a male in my past relationships I shut down during fights and all it does is boil deep inside until one day it explodes. With D, we have never fought only because if something needs to be said, it’s said. Does not mean that is the end of the argument “Woman Issues” but it does save us both from carrying around the weight of anger and bitterness.


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Every couple has a common interest they enjoy, since I was told not to mention our deep love of Mexican food, I will go with our love for adventure. We have made traveling and date nights a must, this includes traveling to a new area in our city, to finding somewhere we have both always wanted to see. Life truly does fly by, so when you get the chance to see something new with the person you love, DO IT.


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Life, Love, learning waits for no one, that is why we find the perfect person who can help us find each one with laughter and adventure along the way. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us, but I am going to slow it down as much as I can to grasp every moment I have with her. Please stay tuned for big news, I’ve got something up my sleeve! 😉


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