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This blog has been hijacked. 😉 I am sorry if you thought were going to hear from Danielle today, but who is ready for a nice change up to hear from a man’s point of view. Here we go…


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Life gives you everything you want, but only if you give it everything you have. I found myself out of another relationship…What did I do wrong? Where did we lose love? Did we ever have love? What is love? These were the questions I asked myself after calling it quits with my ex. It created a feeling of depression and loneliness, not because of the breakup, but because I was now back to trying to figure out what Love actually was. I felt I would just give up, and imagined myself carrying on as a single male with no desire to find a woman who mirrored my personality.


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I was training a friend, when she brought up the idea of setting me up on a blind date. I rolled my eyes and made it clear I would never find “The One”!!! So I did what any guy would do, I asked the 3 judgmental questions….

Does she look at the world with open eyes?

Does she love the idea of a guy who has no social media?

Does she like to workout?


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Ok, so my questions may have been different from other guys, but all of us are simple and straight to the point.. most of the time. I was told a Yes, Maybe, and Kinda. I then asked for the most important part, a picture. I was shown for the first time the beauty I’ve never realized I was looking for. The smile seemed to cover the whole picture, her eyes locked in like I was looking into the gaze of an angel, her body was in the shape of my deepest male desires. I quickly realized I had to give this a shot, even if I knew I had a 0.01% chance.



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I nervously picked up my phone, figured out how I wanted to be perceived through my first point of contact and pressed send. There was a feeling of excitement and terror as I awaited the response of the girl I wanted to be the one. I got back a text in the form of comedy and wittiness I had never expected… I WAS HOOKED!!! We texted and kept conversations going that would have died with girls in the past, I felt we had been friends for years. It became clear it was time for the dreaded “awkward” meeting face to face.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post to read part 2 of men tall all and our first date.

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