Our Engagement Proposal Story

shop dandy proposal story

Sean here again hijacking Danielle’s blog to share with your our proposal story…

When you become the person you have wanted to be, it’s only right to ask your love to join you in the Journey.


shop dandy proposal story


It was a beautiful, warm morning in Jacksonville, Florida when I walked out the front door thinking this is the day I have only seen in romantic movies. Yet I knew in order for my plan to work, I had to try and trick a woman who can tell if I am acting a little different, so let me take you back a couple of weeks into the planning of my “Perfect Romantic Comedy Movie…”


shop dandy proposal story


The ring was ready for pick-up, so I asked her Mother and mine to meet me there to get some expert opinion on how it looks. To be honest, I had no idea if it was going to look exactly like her dream ring. So when you get the chance thank your husband or Fiancé or boyfriend for taking a leap of faith on presenting a ring to you that he has no idea what to bring you and know he is scared to death or you can drop some pretty blunt hints in our case. The two Mothers and I are now sitting at the round table waiting for the custom ring designer Corrine at The Engagement Ring Studio to bring out the small item that I must present to prove myself worthy. She comes from behind the curtain caring the box in a way we are unable to see, as she places the box on the table and asks… “Are you ready to see the Ring?” Before I could answer, the box was being opened, what I saw was everything I wanted to say in one small piece of jewelry. It was right there when I knew all I had to do is place that on her finger and I would at least get a maybe…. But that is never fun for both parties. As the ring was being passed around, the questions from all the ladies began. “How are you going to ask? When are you going to ask? Where are you going to ask?” Believe it or not, this one question has brought nightmares to even the strongest men. It is a feeling of being completely vulnerable and open to the one woman you want for the rest of your life, and praying she feels the same way, because if not you will be stuck on one knee with people posting your epic fail on every media outlet we have. So now comes the planning of a picture perfect movie surprise.


shop dandy proposal story shop dandy proposal story


There are countless ways to ask a four-worded question, but for some reason I was blank. I had made a check list of various aspects I wanted to be a part of the day. The first one was having her family be there and include them in the event. The second was to make sure she had no idea it would be on that day (all ladies have this 6th sense). The Third was to have her look presentable for photos (“Instagramhusband issues”). The Fourth was to make sure she felt special and loved from start to beginning.


shop dandy proposal story shop dandy proposal story


Step 1 was casting.

I asked both her Mom and mine if I could share their day, Mother’s Day, with an engagement. I got a quick response of yes, but only if I gave them a part in my production. So I began asking each family member that was going to be coming to the Mother’s Day cookout if they would help, I got a yes from each.


shop dandy proposal story shop dandy proposal storyshop dandy proposal story


Step 2- the story line.

A week prior I had the “meeting” with her parents. We went to dinner and her parents made sure to ask every question they wanted to know, overall I felt the meeting went great, but of course I was nervous and stumbled on some questions. With that meeting on my mind, I decided to give each family member a card. On each card was something I loved about Danielle, at the same time each personality of the card reflected the family member reading it. Showing that Danielle was a reflection of the people she was a closest with… pretty good, not going to lie. I also gave each person a rose they would give to her after reading their card.


shop dandy proposal story shop dandy proposal story


Step 3; The Final Scene.

The last part was trying to make it a surprise, so with the help of the entire family we had an idea and went with it. To keep her in the church clothes she had on, I told her we were going to do a family photo of everyone. At first she just wanted to put on her comfortable clothes, I knew in the back of my mind this would not go well for me if I asked the question while she was dressed down. So I made it clear how important this was for our Mother’s, luckily that phrase always works. So as the time came, I asked Danielle to go to the car and grab something for me, she was confused, but went to look for the item I requested. As she was outside, it was a controlled chaos trying to make sure everyone had the right card and a rose. As she walked through the door…It all went as planned, and I am lucky to say she said YES.


shop dandy proposal story shop dandy proposal story

Below is what I wrote on each card that was read a loud to her…

I love your sense of humor and laughter…even though you have a slight snort.

I love your entrepreneurship and business mindset…even though my only job is to be dressed up as your man doll.

I love your work ethic and hours you put into your career…now it’s time to start getting you up at 4am every morning.

I love your cooking and appetite…even if you love to pick food from my plate when you say your not hungry.

I love your family and the time you all spend together…I’m even starting to warm up to your old man.

I love your faith and spiritual journey…because of you I have given my own journey another chance to heal.

I love your computer and technology skills…even if your on your phone 20 hours of the day, you still always look up to make sure I’m close.

I love your outlook on life and ability to multitask…even if you move from one project to the next without finishing the first one.

I love your tomboy/princess style…even though we both know nothing about our teams.

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