4 Encouraging Tips to Stay in Touch in the New Year


This year Sean and I are going to be teaming up and writing more meaningful posts on this little corner of the web. As part of our 2018 goals, and our year of MORE mantra, we are here to challenge that and SHARE MORE with you.

How many nights do you go to sleep thinking you are not loved? Thinking why do I feel disconnected from family and friends? Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. Now with the creation of all these media outlets, it seems we should be in touch more, yet we are not. Here are four straightforward ways to get connected with your loved ones again.

  1. Mail a Letter–  The mail has turned into an unpleasant walk to the bill/coupons/ credit card offer box. Holidays, Birthdays and Wedding season seem to be the only thing we look forward to. Why not dust off all the unused stamps and put them to use. You can write a letter by hand or type a letter out, but instead of sending the letter via email, use those stamps and leftover envelops. Pick one person a month and pour your feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation, praise, congratulations and even distaste. The simple fact you took your time to write a letter, will mean the world to that person.
  2. Phone Call–  Yes, a simple phone call can go miles in keeping a friendship alive or making sure your family knows you love them. I can’t begin to tell you how much this works, it is easy and even if you just stay around small talk, the thought will change their day. Go through your contact list, and pick people you want to start a new relationship with.
  3. Flowers or lunch– This can be male or female, both sexes enjoy an unexpected visit. Do not just send flowers, try to drop in uninvited and deliver them yourself. If you are unsure of colors to send, here is the basic format.

Red- Love or Respect

White- Purity, Humility, Youthfulness

Pink- Appreciation, Grace

Yellow- Joy, Friendship

Peach- Let’s catch up

Black- Farewell

  1. Plan a Visit– No matter how far they live, travel and see them. There are cheap flights to random cities that could be close or an attractive place to meet (Allegiant Air / Frontier Air  / JetBlue / Spirit / Southwest / Westjet). This is great for a family member you have not seen in forever or a friend who moved away. Another way to make an impact with friends or family, is to take charge and arrange a reunion. Below you will find two ways to celebrate a reunion that will make everyone happy.

Cruise– You can find amazing group discounts that are affordable for all parties involved. There are plenty of ports to choose from, depending on the demographics of your party.

Rent a house– You can find all types of vacation rentals, mountain houses, beach houses, lake houses, ranch homes. Some easy sites to use are AirB&B, Vacation Rentals, or VRBO. These are perfect sites to use in planning a trip to anywhere your group wants to go.

A few photos from our recent trip to Paris. You can see more photos like this on my personal travel Instagram account: DanielleDStackhouse

4 Encouraging Tips to Stay in Touch in the New Year 4 Encouraging Tips to Stay in Touch in the New Year 4 Encouraging Tips to Stay in Touch in the New Year 4 Encouraging Tips to Stay in Touch in the New Year 4 Encouraging Tips to Stay in Touch in the New Year

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