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Surprising those special men in your life can be difficult, even if you know them better than they know themselves. The art of giving a gift is never about how expensive the item cost, it should only be about the thought put into the gift. We sometimes get lost in the impression that we must deliver a mind-blowing designer gift to please that person. That idea of wowing your loved one should be thrown out the window but focus more on pulling their heart strings. The list below will be thoughts to help you get the ball rolling with your own designs to surprise your favorite men.

Zone in on his Activities- Below you will find some examples of the different types of men in your life, and ways to shop or surprise him.

Sports Guy– If he has a favorite team, you can never go wrong buying merchandise with their teams’ logo on it. You should always dig deeper into what he really needs, try to notice if he complains about not having enough socks, workout clothes, coats, ties, memorabilia, etc. This will give you the chance to buy something he needs and wants at the same time. You can also do research to see if his team will be playing at a venue close to home, or if your traveling in the upcoming weeks look to see if they will be playing close by.


Outdoor Guy– Depending on what he loves to do outside you can zone in on those things. If he is a hiker, try to see what gear he has always wanted. You can also look for a trail you both can do together, and place gifts along the path for him to find. Consider camping sites at state parks, or even use your backyard for a free getaway under the stars.


Workout Guy– Garage gyms are starting to become more relevant because of price increases to studio gyms. Try to ask questions about his favorite workout routine, then look on a website or at a store for 2-3 items he could use every day. Some clever ideas would be a weight vest, dumbbells, kettlebells, jump rope, medicine balls or a barbell. These are smaller items you can easily stash away in the garage.


Tech and Gaming Guy- This can be hard to determine, only because they are usually up to date with the latest technology. Try to buy accessories needed for the gadget they already own like a new controller, video games, special edition, caring case, protection fittings, apps. You can also set up a date where you both can refurbish old electronics and reuse in your home.


Automotive Guy- The love for restoring or fixing a car can be very pricey, this is usually done with research and connections. A great gift idea for this would be to surprise him with a workshop or renting classical and exotic cars for a day. You can plan a day trip by cruising the streets and having a picnic ready at their favorite spot. You can join him in the garage by helping him work on a project, then seeing what he might need or want as a gift.


Fix it Guy- Tools have been around forever, yet nothing makes a man happier than a new tool (even if it is never touched again). The collection of tools and equipment piled in a garage or workshop can irk anyone in that situation. This can be a perfect opportunity for a new shed or organizer as a gift. You can also ask what is going to be his next big project, then try and find materials he will need. Another gift could be creating something together, furniture made by memories always holds the most value in a home.


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